Escoffier.   Georges Auguste     - Escoffier's first book; 'Wax Flowers'
Les Fleurs en Cire
A. ESCOFFIER LES FLEURS EN CIRE (An elaborate printers floral device) BIBLIOTHEQUE DE L'ART CULINAIRE 4 Place Saint-Michel, - PARIS MDCCCCX Nouvelle Edition
Fourth Edition, Paris, 1910. 188x141mm. 1fep. Half-Title. On verso Headpiece & printer's details for all editions. [1] Frontispiece. Title page on thick photographer's card and tissue guard. [1] (1)10-92. 3p Index. [1] 1fep. Original publisher's printed cover, in good condition. Internally very clean. Illustrations: Halftone frontispiece portrait of Escoffier and halftone illustrations titled "Fleurs de Magnolia en Cire" and 40 photo engraved illustrations in the text. A very nice untrimmed copy with many uncut pages. With the bookplate of the very famous Swedish chef and author, Tore Wretman. A very scarce and sought after book.
- It was originally published under the title 'Traite sur l'Art de Travailler les Fleurs en Cire' Paris, 1884. During this period Escoffier married Delphine Daffis, the daughter of a publisher. Writing poetry herself, she contributed to this, his first publication. Escoffier was a major writer of culinary classics and is still consulted as an authority. Besides the 1884 edition of - Le Traite sur L'art de Travailler les Fleurs en Cire, his other best known writings are --- 1903 - Le Guide Culinaire; 1907 - A Guide to Modern Cookery, 1st english edition; 1910 - Les Fleurs en Cire, a new edition; 1911 - Le Carnet d'Epicure; 1912 - Le Livre des Menus; 1919 - L'Aide-Memoire Culiniare; 1927 - Le Riz; 1929 - La Morue; 1934 - Ma Cuisine.

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