David.   Elizabeth     - With a rare E.D. booklet on wine.
French Country Cooking.
French Country Cooking by Elizabeth David decorated by John Minton. HORIZON PRESS. New York.
FIRST EDITION. 1951. With clean slightly browned d/j. Frontispiece, title page, d/j and illustrations by John Minton. 1fep. 2p A Word from the Publisher to the Reader. 2p Acknowledgments. vii-x -Introduction. 2p Contents. 1p Batterie de Cuisine. [15-237](1) Index. 239-247. 1fep. Also enclosed is a booklet written by E.D. "The Use of Wine in Fine Cooking" (This booklet is designed by Saccone & Speed Ltd) The booklet is mentioned in the Acknowledgments and printed in full in the book. A very clean and unique copy, especially with the very rare E.D. booklet.
- As well as the famous John Minton designed dust jackets that David used on some of her early books, each chapter in this book is preceded by a full page Minton illustration, and also highlighted elsewhere by some smaller ones. Peter Ross, librarian at London Guildhall, who compiled an extensive list of annotations from 900 of her books obtained after her death, said: 'She was an extremely private person who gave very few interviews so we didn't get to find out a lot of what she thought when she was alive. She could be highly critical, and had a habit of writing her often biting remarks on post-its or even on the backs of the book receipts. Parts of her own publications also came in for criticism. She wrote in October 1983: 'I never did care very much for the John Minton illustrations for my books.'They are so cluttered and messy. They embarrass me now as much as they did in 1950.' E.D. published two booklets on "The Use of Wine in Fine Cooking". Although similar in appearance, they are both quite different, and are among the rarest of all her publications.

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