Prunier's.   Madame     - A signed copy by Madame Prunier.
Fish Cookery Book.
Selected, Translated and Edited, with an Introduction and Notes, from Les Poissons, Coquillages, Crustaces et leur Preparation Culinaire por Michel Bouzy by AMBROSE HEATH WITH A SPECIAL FORWARD BY MADAME S.B. PRUNIER AND DECORATIONS BY MATHURIN MEHET 1938 NICHOLSON & WATSON LIMITED LONDON. Also with a wonderfully designed booklet offering hot and cold prepared dishes, wines, champagne, cognacs etc can be ordered and delivered. A very high class take out service.
FIRST EDITION - 2ND ISSUE. 205x160mm. On the paste-down, a tipped in cardboard planche stating "Violet The Lady Melchett D.B.E. The Hon. Mrs. Malcolm Bowes-Lyon and Colonel The Hon. Angus McDonnell C.B. C.M.G. have graciously consented to be the Sponsers of this book which was published on Thursday, July 21st, 1938" 2feps with the take-out booklet stapled. Half-title with an inscription by S.B. Prunier 11 February 1935. [1] Title page. On verso stating, 1938 reprint of the first edition of 1938. 1p Contents. [1] vii-viii Editors introduction. ix-xii Forward by Madame Prunier. 1p Facsimile of letter written by Escoffier supporting M. Bouzy, Chef de Cuisine of Maison Prunier. [1] xv-xvi Introduction by M. Bouzy to the original French edition. (1)2-258. 259-265 Glossary of Terms. [1] 267-292 Index. 1fep. Light blue cloth binding with dark blue device of a Skate on the front cover with dark blue writing on the spine. With original d/w slightly age browned with very slight rubbing at the spine ends. A very nice copy.
- The books and any nice ephemera from any of Prunier's establishments in London or Paris are un-surprisingly, much sought after. Not only did Mme Prunier have a loyal customer base, but also nurtured a very loyal staff, in no small part due to Mme Prunier's own sense of loyalty to long serving, hard working and skilled members of the Prunier Brigade. She was also an outstanding manager of people and very good at getting them to work to a very high standard that was wholly brought about by her own high standards and her constant daily focus on achieving them. She kept a daily register of guests likes and dislikes and consulted this book constantly. If one reads the other Prunier book she wrote; 'La Maison', one is given a glimpse of a true and skilled restauranteur at work overseeing the many daily tasks, any one of which, if forgotten can lose a customer, cause unwanted negative gossip and ultimately affect profits and the very health of a business with a high reputation. This book reveals the recipes of this famous fish restaurant that was at its peak before, during and after WW11. The dedication letter in the book by Escoffier is a testament to the regard in which the other famed professionals held Mme Prunier and her outstandingly grand establishment.

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