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Ma Gastronomie
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4to. 267x187mm. 1fep. Half title. [1] Title page. [1] 5-163. [1] 165-171 Table des Matieres. [1] 1p Advertisements. [1] 1fep. Hardcover in red and dark brown. With many full page illustrations and drawings. As new inside and out.
- Fernand Point (1897 – 1955) is considered to be the father of modern French cuisine. He received his training with Foyot in Paris. Point’s ‘Ma Gastronomie’ has taken its place among the true classics of French gastronomy alongside the works of Careme and Escoffier. This essential volume is as celebrated for Point’s wise, witty and provocative views on food as for his remarkable, inventive recipes compiled from his written notes. From his restaurant 'La Pyramide' in Vienne, a town half an hour to the south of Lyon, he gained three Michelin stars and trained a generation of French master chefs; Paul Bocuse, Alain Chapel, Louis Outhier, Georges Perrier and Jean and Pierre - the Brothers Troisgros. The restaurant was founded shortly after World War I. From its kitchen came the modern lightly thickened sauces, baby vegetables and other aspects of nouvelle cuisine. During the regime of Vichy France, Point served refugees fleeing the German invasion. When German officers began patronizing his establishment, he stopped serving dinner. When they demanded tables for lunch, he closed his restaurant altogether. While Fernand worked in the kitchens, his wife welcomed their guests. She continued owning the restaurant after her husband's death. Two of his more famous quotes were "Beurre beurre, donnez-moi du beurre, toujours du beurre" . Another of his favourite sayings was “I’m not hard to please. I’m content with the very best.”

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