Southgate.   Henry    
Things a Lady Would like to Know
CONCERNING DOMESTIC MANAGEMENT AND EXPENDITURE ARRANGED FOR DAILY REFERENCE WITH Hints regarding the Intellectual as well as the Physical Life BY HENRY SOUTHGATE AUTHOR OF 'MANY THOUGHTS OF MANY MINDS,' 'NOBLE THOUGHTS IN NOBLE LANGUAGE,' 'GONE BEFORE,' 'BRIDAL BOUQUET,' ETC. ETC. ETC. 'A judicious woman that is diligent and religious is the very soul of a house: she gives orders for the good things of this life, AND FOR THOSE TOO OF ETERNITY.' - Bishop Horne. 'Housekeeping and husbandry, if it be good, - Must love another, as cousins in blood; - The wife, too, must husband as well as the man, - Or farewell thy husbandry, do what you can.' Tusser. WILLIAM P. NIMMO: LONDON, 14 KING WILLIAM STREET, STRAND; AND EDINBURGH. 1874.
FIRST EDITION. 217x155mm. 1fep. Half title. [2] Frontispiece. Engraved Title page. [1] Title page. [1] Dedication. Poem on verso. (1)8 Preface. (1)12-16 Prelude. (1)18-536. 537-543 Index. [1] 1fep. Lovely fresh brown and gilt embossed and tooled and blind tooled cloth boards and spine. Very clean inside. A very handsome copy of the very scarce first edition in the original state.
- Not much is known about Henry Southgate, other than he was an auctioneer in Fleet Street before he eventually turned author. His book is full of extensive Victorian-Christian advice to women that would make modern women's toes curl and cause unexpressed expletives to come to mind. Nevertheless an interesting book albeit of a totally different age. The BL holds five copies -- an 1890 copy, a 6th ed. - 1885; a 5th .- 1877; a 4th - 1876, and a 2nd - 1875;

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