Davidson.   Alan (Editor)     - A unique set signed by Alan Davidson
Petits Propos Culinaires
Journals 1-73.
5 clamshell cases - each approx. 210x150x95mm. Each case in half bottle green morocco with green cloth covering. The spine with raised bands, gilt lines and a red morocco gilt lettered label. Each case with a light fawn felt cloth base. The cases are numbered; 1-15, 16-31, 32-48, 49-63, 64-73. Journal #1 is #345 of the first limited edition of 500. Numbers 1-59 and 61-63 are all signed by Alan Davidson. Number 60 is un-signed. Journals 63-73 are all signed by Tom Jaine. In journal #5, there is a letter of apology to Hugo Dunn-Meynell, for a printing mistake by A.D. in an article on Turabi Effendi. The letter is also signed by A.D. In journal #32 there is a page from Kidder's cookbook. In #49 there is a signed compliment slip signed by A.D, and two signed letters from Jenny Macarthur. All the journals as new. A very handsome set.
- Described by the editor Alan Davidson as 'a semi-academic periodical which comes out three times a year and deals with food, cookery and cookery books. Issues run approximately 64 to 72 pages, none occupied by advertisements, and contributors are a mixture of professional writers and amateurs. All issues are illustrated in black and white (reproductions of old engravings and woodcuts, etc.), plus drawings commissioned for PPC. PPC is not a collection of recipes, although most issues contain some of particular interest. These recipes have often been embodied in articles, e.g. by the late Elizabeth David and Richard Olney, both of whom played an important part in founding PPC. Extensive Book Reviews and an item called Notes and Queries are also regular features. The latter provides a forum for reports on research in progress and for posing questions which readers may be able to answer. This set on offer here are in a 'just published' condition. On the inside cover of journal # 1 is a typewritten note that has been tipped in. It states: "You may like to know that a new journal dealing with food, cookery and cookery books has been launched under the above title. The publishers are Prospect Books, a partnership including Elizabeth David, Alan and Jane Davidson, Jillian Norman and Richard Olney. The first edition was a limited edition of 500 copies, published in aid of the Anglo-American Jubilee Appeal of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. ---- The first issue sold out quickly. The second issue will appear in August. It will also be in aid of charity". It is quite possible that this lot of journals are unique. A.D. told me he had not signed a full set before with the exception of number 60 which is unsigned. This is because the full printed lot of #60 were destroyed in a fire. I was only able to obtain a published copy after A.D. passed away. Number 63 has a written dedication from Alan Davidson. It reads: "I have great pleasure in signing this, the last issue of PPC for which I and my wife were responsible, -- for Robert Hendry, who has been such a good friend to the journal. Alan Davidson". Journals 73 and onwards have been edited & published by Tom Jaine of Prospect Books, Totnes, Devon and they are also signed by him. A wonderful source of all kinds of gastronomic information and research by many enthusiasts and leading culinary writers of the day.

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