Herbodeau.   Eugene     - With a b/w photograph of Escoffier and Herbodeau.
BY EUGENE HERBODEAU officier de la legion d'honneur AND PAUL THALAMAS pupils and literary executors of MAITRE ESCOFFIER - A Printer's device - PRACTICAL PRESS LTD. LONDON.
FIRST EDITION 1955. 220 x 145mm 1fep with a b/w photograph of Eugune Herbodeau and Auguste Escoffier. [1] Half title. [2] Frontis b/w image of Escoffier at his desk. Title page. Verso printer's info. p1 Contents. tes. [1] vii-ix List of Plates. p1 Dedication to Paul Thalamas. Dedication to Escoffier. Both by Herbodeau. (The b/w image on the page is the same original photograph on the fep). [1] 1-5(1) Introduction by Andre L. Simon. 7-132. 133-138 Index. 1fep. Mid-blue cloth hardcover. with a silver medallion on the front and lettering on the spine.
- This is an essential book for a student of Escoffier and his great on-going impact on modern cookery. The devotion of everyone featured in this book shines through. This is a very unusual phenomenon. Many chefs have great respect for their Head Chef/Mentors they come across on their way to becoming fully-fledged chefs themselves. They may even cherish the memories of hard lessons learnt, of real progress made and thankful they had a chance to work with them. But with Escoffier's students and former employee's, he also engendered a deep devotion, gratitude and love. The numerous plates illuminate even more, the key milestones and people in an extraordinary life. As most of Escoffier's life has been catalogued in this book-site, then all that remains to recommend is that this wonderful book joins any other collection of cookery books, where it fully belongs.

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