Five Thousand Receipts.
IN ALL THE USEFUL AND DOMESTIC ARTS, CONSTITUTING A COMPLETE AND UNIVERSAL Practical Library, AND OPERATIVE CYCLOPAEDIA. - Mr Hobbes, of Malmesbury, thought the accumulation of details a hindrance of learning; and used to wish all the Books in the world were embarked in one ship, and he might be permitted to bore a hole in its bottom. He was right in one sense; for the Disquisitions and Treatises with which our Libraries are filled, are ofter merely the husks and shells of knowledge; but it would be to be wished, that before he were permitted to bore his hole, some literary analysts should select all the facts, Recipes, and Prescriptions, useful to Man, and condense them into a portable Volume. LOCKE. By COLIN MACKENZIE, AUTHOR OF ONE THOUSAND EXPERIMENTS IN MANUFACTURES AND CHEMISTRY. FIFTH EDITION. LONDON: PRINTED FOR G.B.WHITTAKER, AVE MARIA LANE, AND TO BE HAD OF ALL BOOKSELLERS. 1825. Price 10s 6d. Bound, or 12s, Calf-gilt.
Thick 140 x 147mm. 3 feps with ink stamp ‘Capt. G.D. INGLIS. R.M. A.D. 1908. Title page with Capt. Inglis’s stamp. [1] (1)iv Preface. (1)6 – 798. (1)800 – 827 Index. [1] Advertisement. 3 fep with Capt. Inglis’s stamp. Original full brown calf with gilt writing on the front boards. A little rubbed. The spine is a modern quarter red cloth with gilt writing. Internally very clean. A very nice copy.
- This is a Victorian style all purpose household and hobbies book that has a gilt heading on the front cover stating "Family Library". The chapters start with Metallurgy and include Varnishes, Polishing, Artists Colours, Crayons, Miniature Paintings, Enamelling, Engraving, Dyeing, Bleaching, Brewing, Wines, Distilling, Cookery, Pastry, Perfumery, Medicine, Farriery, Tanning, Horticulture, Husbandry, Domestic Economy, Pottery, Glass etc etc. A comprehensive and true glimpse of the crafts of the time.

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