Escoffier.   Georges Auguste     - 2 of Escoffier's Carlton Hotel menus.
Menu Reveillon 1913 - 1914 and Menu Publicte 1913.
Two menus designed by Georges Redon, one with a large drawing titled "Hommages", and the other, a surreal painting entitled "Publicite".
MENU 1. 413mm x 310mm. 4to. 4p. On the front is a lovely drawing of an Edwardian gentleman in tails and top hat kissing the hand of an equally elegant lady. Amusingly there are two dogs in the middle politely sniffing each other. Signed by the artist Georges Redon. At the bottom is a pink ribbon with a cardboard seal. On page three surrounded by an delicately etched Art Nouveau border is a New Years Eve menu (Reveillon) for 1913-14. On the bottom right hand corner is a little box with the words Carlton Hotel and Restaurant London. Large menu with the paper slightly age browned. MENU 2. 390 x 252mm. Dated 24th Avril 1913. This is an original 2 page folded cardboard menu titled "Publicite" for an Annual Grand Banquet at the Carlton Hotel with the front illustrated by Georges Redon.
 On the bottom right hand is printed : La Publicite Lumineuse, with Georges Redon signature dated '13'. It has been folded for storage, with a crease across the middle. An interesting and unusual menu. Overall two nice and very scarce items of Escoffier ephemera, housed in a cardboard folder covered in marbled paper with a red paper label.
- The First World War began on 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918. More than 9 million combatants and 7 million civilians died as a result of the slaughter. This 1st MENU of 1913/14 was the last New Year's Eve when many friends seated at the same tables, and partaking of this special dinner of nine courses, would conceivably, never see each other again. With hindsight, the poignancy of this night of celebration, is one of the reasons that makes this Escoffier menu stand out. The 2nd MENU is an unusual Escoffier banquet menu of nine courses also designed and painted by Redon, and depicting a very surreal image of a winged woman on top of very high building about to take off on an adventure of mystery. Above the menu is a little explanation, informing that the occasion is publicity for a Chambre Syndicale. Each corporation or trade has itís own Chambre syndicale, similar to trade unions taking care of the interests and members of their related associations. This Grand Annual Banquet was under the Chairmanship of Mons.Alfred Masse who was Minister of Trade, Industry, Posts and Telegraphs from March 22 to December 9, 1913 in the Government of Louis Barthou. Georges Redon (1869 Ė 1943) was a painter and lithographer. In the 1920s, he created and became famous for a series of charming images depicting little boys urinating. Because of today's concerns about paedophilia such images are no longer widely distributed, subsequently, it isn't easy to find any of Redon's famous "Pipi" works anymore. Many times Redonís other pictures and artwork also conveyed a lot of humour, as is apparent in the first menu. He also created artwork for many food labels including biscuits and Chocolat Escoffier. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these two Carlton Hotel commissions hint at a strong professional collaboration between the two men. These very elegant, large menus from Escoffier's time at the Carlton (1899 - 1919), are fine collectors items. Definitely a cut above the norm, as the Artist and the Chef are both already famous, each within their own chosen fields of expertise.

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