Escoffier.   Georges Auguste     - The first edition - 1903.
Le Guide Culinaire.
BIBLIOTHEQUE PROFESSIONNELLE Le Guide Culinaire AIDE-MEMOIRE DE CUISINE PRATIQUE Par A. ESCOFFIER AVEC LA COLLABOATION De MM. Phileas GILBERT - E. FETU A. Suzanne, B. Reboul, Ch, Dietrich, A. Caillat, ETC. Dessins de Victor Morin - Je place ce livre sous le ptronage psthume de Urbain Dubois et Emile Bernard, en teimoignage de mon admiration pour ceux qui, depuis Careme ont porte le plus haut la gloire de l'Art Culiniare. A.E. - (printers device of two olive branches) PARIS 1903 - Tous droits de traduction et de reproduction reserves pour tous les pays, y compris le Suede, la Norvege et le Danemark.
FIRST EDITION. 224x145mm. Front paste-down and end-paper with marbled paper. 2feps. Missing the half title with with advertisements on verso . Title page. Escoffier's facsimile signature on the verso. (1)V1-V11 Avant Propos. Verso with Abbreviations. (1)X Remarques. 1p Advertisement. Verso with Tables de Chapitres. (1)2-766. 1p Methode de Repartition. 768-769 Menus. 1p plus 1 Folding plate showing service times and tasks. 771-786 Menus. (1)788-790 Table. (1)+p792 Errata. 4p Advertisements. 2feps. Back end-paper and paste-down with marbled paper. All paper age browned and slightly brittle which is typical of this and other books of this time, due to poor paper being used. First 4 pages and last page are are preserved and protected by clear tissue and the folding plate has been backed by clear tissue one of the folds separated but held by the tissue. The last 2pages are a little more darkened than the rest. New modern bottle green morocco boards and brown morocco spine with raised bands and tooled gilt devices and writing between the compartments. First editions are very scarce.
- Escoffier's great classic. Incomparable in many ways, not least in the fact it laid out what is now the modern Kitchen brigade with its departments clearly delineated and all recipes recorded that are still widely used today as the basics in most big Kitchen brigades. A mark of its classic place in Gastronomic history is that the recipes are still the basis of most Culinary schools curriculum. The great man is being re-discovered in this day and age once again. A sign of his lasting impact and a true appreciation for the skills and basically true recipes he used and recorded, in a time when change has become almost the norm, and food fads abound.

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