Soyer.   Alexis Benoist     - Soyer's detailed plan.
A large print of Reform Club Kitchen.
A print of the original drawing and lithograph of the new Reform Club Kitchens drawn by Jn. Farring Arch. Dedicated by Soyer to the members of the Club.
590mm x 908mm. Framed in a dark brown Walnut frame 25mm wide, with a thin gold inside border. Covered in a non-reflective glass. Overall in excellent condition. An original print from the open plan drawing of the new Kitchen, commissioned by Soyer and the Reform Club. Published by A. Soyer, 26 Charing Cross. 1842.
- The new club opened its doors on 24th May 1836 at Dysart House, 104 Pall Mall, next door to the Carlton Club. Its membership had already reached one thousand, including nearly 250 MPs. The Committee set about commissioning a new clubhouse at immense expense, from the architect Charles Barry, a task that was completed, to spectacular effect, five years later. Special attention was paid to the kitchens, which were designed to the specifications of the brilliant and charismatic chef Alexis Soyer who had been hired in 1937. The restaurant, traditionally known as the 'Coffee Room' runs the entire length of the building overlooking the garden at the back. The gallery is reached by a remarkable tunnel-vaulted staircase, again inspired by Italian models. The Library, the Smoking Room and the Card Room lead off the Gallery.

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