Escoffier.   Georges Auguste     - Limited edition of 200 - signed.
Les Fleurs en Cire
A. ESCOFFIER LES FLEURS EN CIRE (An elaborate printers floral device) BIBLIOTHEQUE DE L'ART CULINAIRE 4 Place Saint-Michel, - PARIS MDCCCCX Nouvelle Edition
12mo. September 1910. 190x147mm. 2feps Half-title with signed dedication in ink by Escoffier, -- "a Madame F, Band hommage et respectueuse sympathie A. Escoffier London Mars 1918". 1p explaining the limited editon, this copy 199 0f 200. [1] Frontispiece photogravure portrait of Escoffier with tissue guard. Title page. [1] 1p Dedication to Madame Daphine Daffis (Escoffier's wife, who also contributed to this book). [1] (1)10-11 with in-text illustrations. 3p with illustrations. (1)16-23 Les Fleurs du Fabuliste. 1p with Illustration. (1)26-94. 1p Du Meme Auteur. 1p with Illustration. 1fep. A limited edition of 200 copies in cream coloured papier de Hollande, de Van Gelder Zonen. 40 photo engraved illustrations in-text with halftone illustration titled "Fleurs de Magnolia en Cire". A very nice original untrimmed copy in excellent condition - as new.
- This edition is a very special limited and augmented one of 250 copies; 50 published in paper des Manufactures Imperiales du Japan and 200 in papier du Hollande, de Van Gelder Zonen, all signed by Escoffier. Maggs p151, 1st of 1886. Vicaire, a 1st of 1886. Cagle has an ordinary text copy, a 4th of 1910. Bitting has a 1st of 1886 dedicated by Escoffier to his great friend Madame Sarah Bernhardt.

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