SAULNIER.   L.     - The very scarce first English edition - 1924. A fine copy.
Translated by E. BRUNET; Chef to the Duke of Roxburge. La bonne cuisine est la base du bonheur. A. ESCOFFIER. [an illustration of a young chef carrying a basket of fresh bread] 1st ENGLISH EDITION Coyrights 1914. On SALE LONDON: Maison ALLARD, 35a, Old Compton Street, W,1. PARIS: DUPONT & MALGAT, 40, Rue Coquilliere, 40. 1924.
190 x 130mm. 1fep. Half-title. [1] Title in red & black text. [1] Dedication to Auguste Escoffier. [1] vii Hors-d'Oeuvre a la Francaise. [1] ix-xi Preface. [1] xiii-xiv The Menu/The Wines. xv-xvi French Culinary Terms. xvii- xx The Index A-L. All the chapters have nice illustrations at the beginning and end. (1)2-236. 1fep. Internally very clean and tight. The original burgundy cardboard covers in very good condition. With the spine expertly and sympathetically re-laid with a nice dark red & gilt label. The front cover with the original indented gilt tooling. Their scarcity is attributed to the fact that many did not survive the harsh kitchen environment, the chefs greasy hands and being stored without thought. Most copies found are quite battered and worn. This copy has survived very well.
- The 'Repertoire de la Cuisine' was first published in France in 1914. It became, in France and the UK after being translated into English, the indispensable guide to the serious professional apprentice chef of classical cuisine. Louis Saulnier, a student of Auguste Escoffier, wrote this book (commonly called Le Répertoire) as a guide to his mentor's cooking and as a shorthand guide to 'Le Guide Culinaire' written and published by Escoffier 1903. The A-L index is based on the departments of a big classical kitchen brigade. A - Fundamental elements of cookery. B - Garnishes and Sauces. C - Hors-d'Oeuvre. D - Soups. E - Eggs. F - Fish. G - Entrees of Abats-Poultry and Game. H - Releves and Entrees of Butchers meat. I - Salads. J - Vegetables and Farinaceous Products. K - Sweets. L - Savouries. The complete list of all the French classical recipes in abbreviated form with no measurements nor quantities. Eg: The classic Sauce Chasseur - "Saute, swill with white wine, brandy, tomatoed half glace, add sliced mushrooms sauteed with chopped shallots, sprinkle with chopped parsley". To cook any recipe in the Repertoire requires a complete knowledge of all the classical terms, basic preparations and techniques. A fantastic culinary compendium that is equal to Escoffier's 'Aide Memoire'.

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