WILLIAMS, MBE.   JOHN     A beautifully designed book, signed by the author.
The Ritz London - The Cookbook
The Ritz Emblem - John Williams, MBE with James Steen Photographed by John Carey - Mitchell Beazely
FIRST EDITION. 2018. Large 4to. 350 x 223 x 25mm. 1fep. 1 page half-title, signed to "Bobby Hendry I hope you enjoy the book. The Evolution of Escoffier's Cuisine. Happy Cooking John Williams". Verso with legal production details. Title page. 2 pages Contents. 6-9 Introduction from John Williams with a beautiful image of a painting of John Williams. (see below) 10-11 Through the revolving door. 1 page photograph of a dish of Quails Eggs. 13-227. 228-231 Basic Recipes and Cooking Notes. 232-223 Pictures of the kitchen and dining room brigades. 234-235 A beautiful 2 page of the dining room and kitchen brigades. 236-238 Index. 239 Glossary of Terms. 240 Compliments of the Chef & About John Williams. 1fep. A sumptuous dark navy cover with embossed silver text. The front cover has the embossed Ritz Emblem. The text block as new. The edges silver. With a thin dark blue cloth bookmark. The whole in excellent condition.
- This is one of the most handsome cookery books I've seen. It is also very unique, as its a book about and representing a very famous hotel written entirely from the Chef's perspective. Encompassing the recipes, the Hotel, the guests, dining areas. the teams and the history conveyed by John William's, whose passion oozes from the pages. One thing not generally understood by people outside the catering trade, but understood well by chefs is the difference between great hotels and great restaurants. In the restaurant the customer comes to wine and dine well, then departs before the restaurant closes. The hotel has the guests staying in-house, with all meals, room service, housekeeping, catering outlets etc that are all required every day. This creates a very different emphasis especially for the upper management. Whereas in a restaurant the focus is on wine, food and ambience. The Ritz hotel requires a 24/7 operation every day of the year. With 111 rooms and 25 suites, its Restaurant, Banqueting rooms, the Palm Court and it's famous afternoon teas, Room service, the spectrum of such varied and differing venue needs, requires a much wider approach. Chef John Williams has also helped create a fine restaurant at the Ritz, gaining its first Michelin star in 2016. At the same time, his overview of the culinary needs of the whole hotel is just as paramount, with a standard that must not drop. His whole catering background is entirely that of great Hotels, his experience very broad and his knowledge very detailed. As a cook he has found his spiritual home in the Ritz. He is a great student and admirer of Auguste Escoffier and what Escoffier's impact has been on all cooks since then. In his own words; "We would not be where we are now as chefs, had it not been for Escoffier". The Hotel was opened in 1906 by Cesar Ritz the great friend and compatriot of Escoffier who was at that time Chef de Cuisine one mile away at the Carlton Hotel Pall Mall. Escoffier and Ritz collaborated in the opening of both Ritz hotels in Paris as well as London. John Williams is very aware that he carries the legacy of those two great hoteliers, and is more than willing to rise to the challenge. Possibly helping to surpass it. One thing in the book that makes me believe this, is Williams's own story on the last page about Mr Shannon at Claridge's Hotel. This story is in the full spirit of Ritz and Escoffier, both of whom had the complete welfare and well-being of their guests as their highest priority. The book also impresses with the beautiful colour plates and recipes. I have picked one to show below in photographs 4 and 5 that possibly conveys everything about the Ritz and its history. Canard la presse is a traditional French dish considered the height of culinary elegance. Originally a specialty of Rouen. The Rouen or Rhone ducks are large and have great flavour. It has also gained fame as a specialty of La Tour d'Argent restaurant in Paris. It consists of various parts of a roasted duck served in a sauce of its blood and bone marrow, which is extracted by way of the press seen in the photograph. The book shows all the other great dishes that The Ritz Hotel London is rightly famous for. Chef John Williams's mastery shines from every page, and is a professional testament to a life of cooking, learning, passion and achievement.

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