Ritz.   Cesar     A very interesting Article.
How to Conduct a Great Hotel.
From the London Magazine. Page 1 has a black and white picture of Cesar Ritz. (but underneath is a spelling mistake, and the heading for the article proclaims it's Carl Ritz). There are five more black and white pictures in-text.
n/d. Circa 1900-1902. 233 x 162mm. 6p. p249 - 254. A slight border tear on P1 not affecting Text. Very lightly age-browned at edges. Overall nice and clean. Housed in a brown marbled folder with label.
- Cesar Ritz the great pioneer of the new style contemporary Hotels-de-luxe, friend and collaborator of the equally famous Chef, Auguste Escoffier in many of their famous hotel openings. This article has a lot of invaluable advice on precisely the management and control of the daily operation of a large luxurious Hotel. One of the pictures is of the Carlton Hotel, Pall Mall, London is its Kitchen. The largest in London. Also the domain of Escoffier, Maitre Chef de Cuisine from 1899 - 1919. We are informed by Ritz that the astronomical annual consumption at the Carlton was; Meat 400,000 lbs. Chickens 25,000. Ducks, Geese and Turkeys 4,000. Pigeons 3,000. Quails 24,000. Ortolans 2,000. Grouse, Partridges and Pheasants 13,000. Dover Soles 42,000 lbs. Other Fish 30,000 lbs. Hams and Bacon 47,000 lbs. Lard 6000 lbs. Butter 47,000 lbs. Eggs 380,000. The amount of wine consumed, in bottles during the same period staggers: Sherry, Madeira and Port 2,700. Hock 6,000. Moselle 9,000. Bordeaux 16,000. Burgundy 5,000. Champagne 55,000. Brandies, Whiskies and Liquers 15,000. A total of 108,700 bottles or nearly 300 bottles daily. It goes on to itemise and number all the other pieces of stock needed to capitalise a large London Hotel. A notable article by the great and famous Hotelier. Cesar was the undoubted star of the hotel industry, and was managing up to ten hotels at the zenith of his accomplishments. Shortly after that he began to suffer from breakdowns and depression. In 1902 his illness forced him to pass over his business to his wife Marie-Louise Ritz. She carried on her husband's hotel empire as first hotel manageress in the world. Caesar Ritz retreated to his beloved home village Niederwald, in Central Switzerland, for the last 16 years. He died in a clinic on the 25th October 1918.

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