Manuscript Recipes;      
Fourteen loose recipes written in various hands.
- The Winstanley Family of Old Braunston Hall. Leicestershire.
n/d. Circa 1770. One of the recipe's appears inside a delivered note with Mrs Winstaley's name on the outside. These fourteen recipes appear to have been given to Mrs Winstanley from friends, as they all have been written in different hands and belonging to different ages. Contained inside a cardboard handmade folder with marbled paper and label. An interesting item.
- To date these manuscripts is quite easy. In 1775 Clement Winstanley commissioned the local architect and builder William Oldham (who later became the Lord Mayor of Leicester) to construct the present Braunston Hall. The design typical of the period, a solid Georgian residence. (See image 1. below) The Hall was built on a rise with views overlooking Charnwood forest and set in one hundred acres of fine parkland. Clement also held the Office of High Sheriff of Leicester. As the letter with the one recipe is addressed to Mrs Winstanley, Braunstone House. Leicester, then we can date it sometime before 1775. Exactly when can't be ascertained. The Winstanley's came to Braunstone in the mid 17th century. James Winstanley (the father of Clement) purchased the estate from the executors of the Hastings family after the death of Henry Hastings’ in 1649, for the sum of £6,000. A quitclaim in 1651 gave him freehold interest in the estate of Braunstone. Finally, I came into possession of these recipes when gifted to me by my good friend Andrew Phillip Poore, born 1951. He is the one who previously gave me the Winstanley three manuscript recipe books that can be viewed in this website under item # 11157 and a beautiful small recipe book under item # 10927. Andrew is the son of the late Rosemary Philippa Winstanely, born in 1914 at Braunstan Hall and passed away on the Oct. 6th 2006. These items all came from her late estate.

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