Richard.   Poppy     - One of only 2000 copies printed privately.
and Cafes (A large vignette of people dining and entertaining within a square border). of other days and other times. Translated form the French by POPPY RICHARDS. PONT ROYAL.
SOLE ENGLISH EDITION. 258 x 207 mm. Paris Ed, du Pont Royal, 1961). Front inside cover and fep with Photograph of bottle of wine over a map of Paris. [1] Half Title. On verso proclaiming 3000 copies in French and 2000 copies in English of this book printed for friends of C.D.C. Title Page. Page 4&5 Two-page poem by Raoul Ponchon. [1] Full page colour photograph of the 15th Century Tapestry (see insert # 5 below). [1] 7-128. 1fep. Verso and back inside cover photograph of wine glasses. Richly illustrated with something on nearly every page. Original orange silk binding, slightly soiled. Inside in fine condition.
- A splendid monograph on the taverns, restaurants, coffee houses and cafes of Paris. Written originally in French by Robin Livio (Collection Pierre Orsi # 753 for a copy in French). This English edition of which only 2000 copies were privately printed is a an extremely scarce item. So many poems, manuscripts and illustrations that tell the historical story of a fascinating subject. Laced through-out with myriad snippets of French and Parisian gossip. A very interesting book.

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