PRUNIER.   MAISON.     Circa 1920's.
Three pieces of Prunier's colourful, marketing cards.
ITEM 1. A nicely designed small menu card for a private party at Maison Prunier 9, RUE DUPHOT, PARIS. - Les Huitres. Filets de Turbot Duglere. Poulet Douwarow. Desserts. Anjou 1908. Fruits. It also has eight signatures in pencil. ITEM 2. A folded six-page Carte-Postale with design for a stamp and address on the back cover. In the four pages inside there is a full take-away menu featuring a [SERVICE DE VILLE] Detailing a list of headings, offering, COQUILLAGES ET HUITRES; CAVIAR; CRUSTACES; SALAISONS, FUMAISONS; VINES; GARNUTURES; PLATS FROIDS; PLATS CHAUDS. all with prices two telephone numbers. dated October 1923. ITEM 3. A very nice promotional card detailing Maison Prunier, France; at 9, RUE DUPHOT, PARIS. and 16, AV. VICTOR-HUGO. And Meme Maison, Londres; 72 ST. JAMES STREET.
- ITEM 1. 136 x 89mm. The humorous colourful design on the front has a fish supplier carrying on his head a basket of oysters, a large surprised fish on one arm, and on the other hand, holding up a very big scallop shell already cooking on a bunsen-burner. ITEM 2. 132 x 85mm. This also has a nice colourful design on the front, of a smiling happy fish-supplier in apron and scarf with a basket of oysters on his head. ITEM 3. 133 x 89mm. Very slightly shaved at the bottom with no loss. This also has a nice colourful design on the front, of a fish, lobster and a sea-snail above table with a nicely starched table cloth. All items in very good condition housed in a green marbled cardboard folder.

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Ephemera category
ref number: 11314