Escoffier.   Georges Auguste     - With 2 very scare recipe booklets.
ITEM1. Wholesale Department:- RIDGEMONT STREET. (Off Shore Street) TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD, LONDON, WC. Inside it tells us: ESCOFFIER PREPARATIONS. Manufactured under the Supervision of MONS. ESCOFFIER. of the Carlton Hotel. London. With lists of all Escoffier items and prices. ITEM 2. A canned autobiography of Escoffier from the Foundation Auguste Escoffier. UN DES GRANDS MAITRES DE LA CUISINE FRANCAISE. 1846 - 1935. ITEM 3. A booklet of Escoffier recipes for a GUIDE de la CUISINIERE. Contenant de NOMBREUSES RECETTES NOUVELLES. Edite par le ~Bouillon "KUB". ITEM 4. A booklet of of Escoffier recipes for a A Chaque mois de l'Annee... ses viandes, poissins, volailles•gibiers, legumes. `Conseils et Recettes. La bonne cuisine par tous. ITEM 5. An original b/w photograph of the Carlton Hotel, Pall Mall, London. ITEM 6. A b/w photograph of Escoffier with top-hat viewing exhibits at a Salon Culinaire in London.
ITEM 1. A four-page promotional pamphlet: 237 x 143mm. Ornate front cover with a red jar of Escoffier Pickles. All items priced. Good condition. ITEM 2. 240 x 160mm. (1) With illustration of an older Escoffier. 4-9 The main dated milestones of key times in Escoffier's life. 10-49 with many unseen photographs of Escoffier and his kitchen brigades. Packed with many unknown facts from the Master's life. The covers and internally in fine condition. ITEM 3. 180 x 135mm. p1 Advertisement. Frontis on the Verso of a table laden with foods. A letter written by Escoffier dated Paris, Octobre 1922. p6. Termes Culinaires. 7-71. [1] Age dusted carboard covers and the front cover with text in red and ornate border. Internally clean. ITEM 4. 180 x 138mm. A rectangular booklet. Inside cover advertising 'Kub' Buillon. A title page of a letter date July 1st 1925. [1] p3. Du choix des plats de season. 1926. 4-31. Inside cover advertising 'Kub' et Poule au Pot'. `Dark blue cardboard covers with a little boy chef on the front. Fine condition. ITEM 5. A b/w photograph of Escoffier of the Carlton Hotel when Escoffier was the Chef de Cuisine. ITEM 6. A fine b/w photographs of Escoffier at a Salon Culinaire pasted to the insider page of the marbled cardboard folder housing all the items.
- Escoffier, (1846-1935) was not only a great and famous chef, but a little known fact was that he was also a relentless innovator, as can be seen by the large range of sauces, soups, pickles, consomme, vinegars etc (even the famous Sauce Melba) featured in the 4 page pamphlet of Escoffier Sauces. This came about because of his laudable belief that making life and kitchen tasks easier for the professional and the home cooks was an inevitable need and necessity, which he understood and very clearly stated in his great cookery classic 'Le Guide Culinaire'. Reading the preface of this great book we can see the practical, as well as his heartfelt understanding of people's constant desire for change was an ongoing negative human condition thro' the ages. Escoffier tried to explain that the secret to alleviating this restless innovation, will come about by cooking the timeless classics as well as possible, instead of the constant search for novelty. Probably the most lasting but least known food item that he developed and started producing on a large commercial scale, was tinned tomatoes. The other two rare booklets also pre-date a very modern trend of promoting processed food items aimed at the home cook. The autobiographical booklet is fascinating as a condensed look at Escoffier's life put together by the Escoffier foundation at 3, rue Auguste Escoffier. 06270 Villeneuve-Loubet Village and it's Chairman, Michel Escoffier, the great man's grandson. An unusual collection.

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