PRUNIER.   LA MAISON     Struggling to cope after the great War.
Four letters hand-written by Emile Prunier. Also two articles about Pruniers. One four-page article from the Departement du Finistere, dated 9th March 1929. The other four-page article from the 'Cultures Marines' about L'Historie d'une Grande Maison.
Maison Prunier Customer Card 1. 140 x 90mm. A signed card by E. Prunier, ex-sergeant of Mounted Arms in the Train Equipment: detailing the predicted time of re-opening of Tuesday March 3rd. (no year) Also on the flip side is a letter to a friend about meeting a new client. Letter 2. 215 x 160mm. Paris July 17th. (no year) Writing to friend apologising for not being able to visit on Sunday. Detailing one of his oldest employees and also a great friend who was killed on July 4th on the Somme. Letter 3. 270 x 122mm. On Maison Prunier headed notepaper: Paris July 2nd circa 1919. Detailing the bad luck because of the leaving of his Maitre-de. Also apologising for not being available but clarifying his complete availability from August 20th. Letter 4. 270 x 122mm. On Maison Prunier headed notepaper: Paris Mrch 3rd 1920. Expressing to a Mrs Robin about her husband and sympathising that everyone who was involved in the great war were completely altered. Mostly the letters are about the difficulties Emile is facing after returning from the war and organising his business once again.
- The tribulations of not only running a very famous and demanding business, but also coping with his personal demons after 5 years in war service, and finding new staff, (many former valued employees lost their lives in the fighting.) finance, building all the many areas of administration again, finding and meeting new suppliers who also are having some of the same types of problems, finding produce, etc etc.. A monumental undertaking. But we know now just how successful Emile and Maison Prunier in Paris and London eventually became. All the letters have English translation.

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